Every design begins from the idea. Every idea becomes a sketch. Every sketch has a potential.

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Every design begins from the idea. Every idea becomes a sketch. Every sketch has a potential.

Think about it or
Check my portfolio
“1960’s London design group Wolff Olins played a key role in re-introducing use of pictorial symbols in branding.”
“A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.”
– Bruno Munari”
“Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.”
Vladimir Nabokov”
Before Gutenberg created his revolutionary press, he suffered massive debt due to a failed investment in holy mirrors.
A Buddhist text known as the “Diamond Sutra” is the oldest surviving printed manuscript.

Matej Purgar

MA in applied arts at Academy of applied arts in Rijeka.
Born in Vukovar, 25th of January, and currently living in Rijeka.

After finishing high school for graphic designer I was thinking about moving forward in that field but with a slightly different view, more of an art view. Earned Bachelor of Arts than Master in applied art on a theme “Comic & Illustration”. Thinking about merging those two in a unique way and creating something wonderful.

My experience include more than 10 years in Adobe holy trinity (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). I have also been using Adobe edge – now Adobe Animate for creating HTML 5 banners. In leisure time I love to draw, so you can actually see some of my sketches here. After more than 3 years in digital agencies I am now freelancing. So feel free to contact me 🙂

My quest!

Searching for open-minded, passionate, creative & professional crew. With coherent team it is always pleasure to work with. Either on new challenging projects or discussion about universe of ideas & sketches. 🙂 Here you can download my CV.

Clients opinion

Melanie Berry portrait image

“Dear Matej, I want to thank you for the excellence, creativity, and innovation you bring to every project you have completed for Carolinas Biofeedback Clinic. I chose your original logo designs out of a pool of over 100 competing designs because you were best able to understand our core business values and offerings and reflect that in an elegantly simple, contemporary logo design. I knew I had struck gold with you from that initial offering.

What I wouldn’t realize until later when I needed follow-on work, that not only are you creative and talented, but you are also responsive, reasonably priced, and fun to collaborate with on everything from website design to marketing materials! “

Melanie Berry MS, BCB, OMC, FAIS
Clinical director

Melanie Berry portrait image

“Matej really did a great job reading my design brief and ACTUALLY listening to what I wanted in my design. I believe with his talent in the field of design and his ability to listen to what the client wants he will be winning many more projects in the future!

Thanks Matej!

David Grant
GTS Training system

Melanie Berry portrait image

“He is a fantastic designer! He gave my business brochure a personality and life. His brochure was spectacular. His attitude was very professional and positive. He took our criticism well and developed a 5 star brochure that we are very excited to print. It was a pleasure working with him!

Stephem Meyers


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